Don’t Do Non Disclosures the Old Way.

StandardNDA ScreenshotPrint it, sign it, scan it. (Wait, fax it? Seriously?)

It takes too many lawyers, too much paper, and far too much time to read and sign the fine-print of someone else’s custom NDA.

Wouldn’t you rather be talking about interesting ideas and exciting business opportunities?

Insist on the Standard NDA.

The StandardNDA features lawyer-reviewed, standardized non-disclosure agreement terms that you can depend on. Keep the conversation flowing with a web-based NDA template that you fill in and electronically sign within seconds. From any computer, from any smartphone.

We validate the e-signatures, securely archive the executed NDA, then notify you when its enforcement period runs out. That way, you will always know what your NDA says, where to find it, and how long you are protected.

Handshake with a Lawyer, or StandardNDAs for life?

Unlimited StandardNDAs for life for $79. That’s the cost of ten minutes with a lawyer — time enough for that handshake and a cup of coffee. Once.

Or, you can sign up for free as a pre-launch partner.